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So Someone Is About To Attack My Rack

Well tomorrow is the day. It's chestmas eve. I have booked myself in to fix the mum boobs. I have never had much of a rack but it was never a high priority to fix them when I was younger and kid-less. They were a solid B and pretty much sat upright so I spent the money on traveling instead.

Fast forward 5 (ahem yes only 5 years, believable that I’m 25 right haha) and two kids later and I have been sucked dry. That sounds gross but the process wasn’t too gross, actually breastfeeding both my girls was something I look back on with fondness (there were maybe 2 nice times with Indi). I have nothing left. I am actually flat chested and don’t fill an A cup, my tiny empty water balloons point south… like how is there even enough there to point south, I don’t bloody know.

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the girls but gee the bust is sad looking, so I very thankful for the opportunity to have this surgery.

After just one kid. Baby Audrey crica 2013. I think she was wondering why her milk cartons were so empty.

At my 30th birthday I had some what a small realisation, no one is getting any younger around here! I started researching, I figure even though the girls are still small and I may struggle with not picking up the neediest of all toddlers up for a couple of weeks now is a good of a time as any. I don’t have a steady job I would need to also work around and my husband and I are finally settled for a few years in our home (we moved 5 times in 2 years up).

Initially I looked at a few surgeons and enquired with a few clinics. I researched it upside down and back to front. Trawling through reviews on clinics and doctors. I asked a few friends and family members who had them done their advice tips and finally I found my guy. I never entertained the idea of going overseas, that may be a great option for some people but not for my highly-strung self haha!

I filled out an online enquiry form one night while watching something boring my husband had on TV (probably mega factories or something) and boom the ball was rolling.

The clinic called me the next day and sent an email will related info including costs. I wanted to proceed so I called them to advise and they booked me into have chat with my surgeon to be.

I met with my doctor about a month later and let him know my concerns and told him what look I wanted to achieve. I showed him photos on my phone that I screenshotted (#massivecreep) of the look I wanted to end up with and the look I was not after.

Once we had discussed medical history, what I wanted to achieve and concerns we spoke about the type of implants and sizes. He showed me a few several types, ranging in price, size, shape and brand. Then it was time to whip the old shirt and bra off and measure my non-existent tatas. After the initial measurements were taken I was given a large surgical bra, it must’ve been about an E size, not sure exactly and I started by inserting ‘sizers’ into the bra. Sizers are not implants they are like chicken fillet bras that are not sticky and filled. Literally imagine an actual chicken fillet now imagine stuffing that down your top instead of cooking it… don’t do that tho, you probably will end up sick. Anyway, I started off quite small and kept changing the sizes over until I felt comfortable. At the time, I nearly filled the entire bra, I put my t shirt on and my exact words to my husband were

‘I don’t look like I’m going to tip over do i?’

‘nah hun those ones are great’ ... hmmmm #blindedbyboobs

So that was that. We paid for the consult (there was an initial consult fee of just over $200 that is not refundable but once you book you can come back at any time at no cost) got emailed a quote but I sat on it for a few days.

I was certain I wanted the breast augmentation but just not certain on the size…

I booked in anyway.

Anyway, then I had a freak out, for a couple of weeks. I booked in the surgery at the end of July and it was scheduled for the end of the next month. I had just felt I had chosen too big and the wrong profile.

When you get a boob job everyone asks, ‘what size did you end up choosing?’

Which is a fair enough question but the thing about that is not even the surgeon knows what bra cup you’ll end up. They speak in CC’s and Profiles. Profiles are how much they stick out off of your chest basically and CC’s are how much they are filled. I had chosen 410cc and high profile… so basically pretty big pokey outey ones… not what I originally wanted. Me thinks I got carried away filling that bra hmmm.

After a few more panic attacks and chats with friends and my sister who reasoned that ‘would you be unhappier if you came out too big or too small? If you end up too small you can at least use a push up bra to make them bigger, bigger ones cannot be made smaller’.

And with the realisation that ANYTHING would be better than the current situation and I’m 5ft 5 and 50kg at best and huge ones would yes indeed make me fall forward on my face I booked back in to see my doctor again.

We went through the trying on process again and he was very lovely, never pushy with any size. I ended up choosing 265cc and a moderate profile, so sustainably smaller, hopefully I end up a big c cup. The type of implant I am getting is called a Motiva and is proven to be the current safest on the market. It is not tear drop (which can spin), its round but is incredibly soft and when you hold it up it forms the tear drop shape. I am having them placed behind the muscle as that is more natural looking but also the only option for me as I lack the tissue to have them placed directly in the chest.

So now i sit here therapeutically blogging, on the eve of chestmas. I am feeling a little giddy and nervous, though not as stressed as I was when my eldest had her tonsils out.

I keep trying to imagine my new body and how weird it will feel. I’m not worried about the pain, I do have a good threshold for that but just worried about how I will deal with not a great quality of sleep as the first few days you have to sleep sitting up and the next few weeks you have to sleep on your back and I am a tummy/side sleeper. I am worried about the girls, how they will be when they see my new body and initially mummy out of it, I don’t want to traumatise them. They are booked in back to back at kindy while recover and I worry they will be zonked from all the extra days.

I’m sure it will all be fine in the end and I won’t end up on Botched, omg could you imagine! Haha! I’ll keep you all updated on the honkers.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Cost – $8,000 Aud (all inclusive) – lifts and reductions also cost more

  • Clinic – Australian cosmetic clinics

  • Surgery time – all up in hospital about 4 hours – it is day surgery under a general anaesthetic

  • Recovery – About two to four weeks (no lifting the girls for 2 weeks)

I hope for all those mummas who are looking at doing thiers this is helpful!

Until next time,

Kirsty. Xx

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